Key School Policies

Accessibility Policy March 2019
Admissions Policy September 2021
Anaphylaxis Management Policy April 2019
Anti-Bullying Policy November 2020
Assessment and Record Keeping Policy September 2021
Behaviour and Exclusions Policy September 2021
Child Protection and Safeguarding Policy November 2021
Children Not Collected Policy September 2021
Complaints Policy November 2021
Curriculum Teaching and Learning Policy September 2021
E-Safety Policy October 2021
Early Years Policy January 2022
Emergency Closure and Lockdown Policy February 2022
English as Additional Language (EAL) Policy April 2019
Equal Opportunities Policy April 2021
Fire and Emergency Risk Management Policy November 2021
Fire Procedure Policy September 2021
First Aid and Administration of Medicines Policy April 2021
Health and Safety Policy November 2021
Intimate Care Policy January 2022
Legionella Policy January 2021
Mental Health and Emotional Wellbeing Policy November 2020
Missing Child Policy September 2021
Mobile Phone Policy January 2021
Pastoral Care Policy January 2020
Peer on Peer Abuse Policy September 2021
Prevent Duty Policy September 2021
Pupil Supervision Policy November 2021
Regulations relating to the use of Display Screens January 2022
Relationships and Sex Education Policy February 2022
Risk Management Policy January 2021
Safer Recruitment Policy September 2021
Security Strategy Policy January 2022
Smoke Free Policy January 2019
Social Media Policy November 2021
Special Educational Needs Policy December 2021
Use of Display Equipment Policy January 2019
Working at Height Regulations January 2022