We aim to foster a positive fascination and excitement in mathematics where all children feel they can achieve. We aim to develop an attitude to mathematics which is beyond simply written assessments. We aim to have a cohesive vision with parents through events and workshops and creating a higher profile through displays, competitions and celebrations of achievement.

The School follows the White Rose Mathematics scheme so that children are taught a common format for calculation and are given a strong foundation in number. Within Years 5 and 6, teachers use a tailor-made plan to ensure children are fully prepared for the senior school entrance exams. More importantly, we aim for all our pupils to understand how they can use both mental and written methods in the context of wider problem-solving and real-life applications. All our pupils' learning is placed within the context of showing them the purpose of their learning.

Mathematics is taught by class teachers for 5 hours per week in predominantly mixed ability groups. Some children who need more help are taught in smaller groups for focused sessions with a support teacher. Setting is applied in Years 4, 5 and 6. We also tailor further opportunities for our most able mathematicians in the older year groups, both in the curriculum and also through participation in external mathematics competitions.

Mathematics lessons include opportunities for whole class and group discussions.

Practical and written activities are used to consolidate skills which have been learned and show the pupils how to apply their learning wider. We place emphasis on confident use of mental arithmetic involving quick recall of mathematical facts, in order for our learners to then apply these to more complex problem solving and investigative activities.