At Ursuline, we believe in the power of words to inspire, imagine and create. Our motto, Serviam, guides us in nurturing a love for language and storytelling in every child.

Our English curriculum encorporates:

  • Talk4Writing Approach: We use the Talk4Writing method to spark creativity and confidence in our young writers. Through storytelling, role-play, and guided writing, children develop a deep understanding of narrative structures and language patterns.
  • Core English texts: We have worked on carefully curating a bespoke curriculum with core reading books that will excite and challenge our readers and support them in writing outcomes. The books explore a range of genres within fiction and non-fiction, so children can understand the nuances in writing across texts.
  • High-quality reading books: We know that the best readers develop into the best writers. We support the children to develop their own "reading identity"; through the provision of high-quality texts in classrooms and the school library, there is something for every reader to explore and enjoy at Ursuline.

For our budding wordsmiths who crave extra challenge, we provide opportunities to extend their skills and knowledge. Through tailored activities and projects outside of the classroom, we support children in reaching greater depths of understanding and creativity.