Welcome to Year 6

Year 6 is an exciting and pivotal year in the journey of our students here at Ursuline. As they near the end of their primary education, our Year 6 students embark on a transformative year filled with academic challenges, personal growth, and memorable experiences filled with ‘snapshot’ moments that are unique to other year groups thus far on their learning journey. With a focus on building essential skills in preparation for secondary school, we provide a nurturing and supportive environment where students are encouraged to excel academically, develop strong character traits, and embrace leadership opportunities.

Throughout the year, students engage in a diverse range of topics that have been specifically selected to develop a deep appreciation for the wonders of the natural and scientific world. From learning about the history of World War Two, ancient civilisations such as the Kingdom of Benin, the creation of refugees during wartime before and now, the children are engaged in stimulating discussions that develop their critical thinking skills. Their curriculum is packed with practical and collaborative Art, Computing and DT projects that link across their learning in English. The children have the opportunity to work on a series of collaborative art projects that depict the journey of a refugee, create a 3D model of famous mountain ranges to coincide with their suspense narrative, explore artwork and Bronze sculptures from the Benin Kingdom, and learn about algorithms and debugging when creating their own game. In science they delve into captivating topics like electricity, the circulatory system, light and evolution.

Through hands-on experiences, engaging activities, and a bespoke curriculum, students in Year 6 are equipped to flourish academically and personally, laying a strong foundation so your child has the confidence to succeed in secondary school and beyond.