Welcome to Year 5

Year 5 is a crucial stage in your child's educational journey, where students delve into a rich tapestry of subjects and skills that lay the foundation for their future academic success.

At this stage, students are encouraged to develop maturity, responsibility, and critical thinking skills. Through a curriculum that offers both depth and breadth of study, students master mathematics, refine their public speaking abilities, and hone their written creativity in both narrative and non-fiction writing. Problem-solving becomes second nature as they learn to tackle challenges with confidence and resilience, taking ownership of their learning journey and organising themselves for success.

Our curriculum is carefully crafted to expose students to a wide range of subjects, from local history to ancient civilizations like the Greeks, and pivotal moments such as the Windrush era. In science, they delve into captivating topics like space, forces, and the lives of notable scientists and inventors, sparking curiosity and a thirst for knowledge. In the realms of art and design & technology, Year 5 students explore figure drawing and pastel skills, nurturing their artistic talents and fostering a love for creativity.

Central to our approach is instilling a joy of learning and developing intrinsic motivators that inspire students to excel. We believe that by nurturing confident learners who are eager to explore, question, and discover, we are laying the groundwork for their success not just in Year 6, but throughout their academic journey and beyond.